Pregnancy Woes

Last week was the defining moment of my life when I had, at last, the courage to buy myself a home pregnancy test kit. I thought I was ready to face whatever may come already but NO. I hid it in my closet for a few days. Until on wednesday night, I was talking on the phone with dada. We were discussing about me not getting my period yet and his excitement over having a baby drives me crazy. I have been crying and trying to make him understand that it’s not as easy as ABC about me getting pregnant because it’s not legal.

Notice the 2nd line - too hazy!

After I hung up the phone, I immediately took out the PT and tested. It was 12 midnight already. According to the instructions, if you see 2 visible lines – positive, if only one line comes out – negative, if nothing at all – invalid. In my case the 2nd line was too hazy or vague that makes me wish it’s negative. I took a picture and showed it to Gracie as soon as I got to office Thursday morning and she said it’s positive. And if I am not too sure about it – redo the PT.

I asked dada to buy me another pregnancy test kit and I will test again the following morning. Friday at 6:15AM I took the test and yes, same thing came out. POSITIVE!

I brought the sample to the office and asked all moms and they all answered the same thing – CONGRATULATIONS!

The reaction I got from everyone was just too overwhelming that makes me wanna cry and seize the moment. Gosh, I am gonna be a mother soon.

Saturday, January 9, dada and I went to Capitol Medical Center to visit an OB at 9AM. We got Dr. Aurora Rustia-Quiambao. We were waiting in queue for hours and had our chance to have a chat with the doctor at 2PM already. Dada had a heated argument with the Doctor’s secretary because she let some people comes ahead of us in the queue which is kinda unfair. And the doctor even reprimanded the secretary by telling her instructions to avoid complains.

I could remember the last time I had my period but it came a few days before our Christmas Party on December 12, 2009. I just couldn’t say it can still be considered as it was not a heavy flow as usual. The doctor performed a pelvic exam – pap smear and she said she can see some signs of bleeding outside and results will come in after a week. We were sent for Urinalysis and Transvaginal ultrasound thereafter. She explained the importance of the first ultrasound as we are not sure of the baby’s age. And educated us about ectopic pregnancy – I pray I will not have one.

The doctor did not see anything in the ultrasound so Dr. Quiambao sent us to UDMC for an HCG test. The result will come in tomorrow. I am anxious.

I called mama today and told her about my condition, I was crying because I can feel her pain. She urged me to go home and be the one to tell papa. I am scared.

Still praying that papa will accept it with open mind and open arms. I want my baby to be happy and accepted.

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