The Arrival of Our Angel

A year ago, I was in denial. I was not embracing the possibility of having our own little angel. I was hiding.

But now, we have him. Our JARED DYLAN PHILIPPE DADUFALZA CAMARILLO. He is such a cutie. After my operation, the moment I saw him, cuddled him, it was heaven. It was overwhelming. My boy was so beautiful, his cry was music to my ears. Oh dear, I am a MOM.

The First Skin to Skin Cuddle

What a beautiful day of my life - the arrival of our son Jared Dylan Philippe


Jared was born via ceasarean section on September 20, 2010 at exactly 2:27AM at Capitol Medical Center. He was delivered by my OB Gyne Dra. Aurora Rustia-Quiambao. Jared was 6.12 lbs and 48cm long.


It was the defining moment of my life. My whole life has changed. My priorities has changed. And that is my JARED. He is now my life, my air, and my dream.

Jared inside the Incubator

A few hours after delivery inside the incubator, daddy was able to capture Jared's dimple very clearly.

I was in pain begging for pain reliever everytime a nurse would come in to check on me. Most of the time, they would tell me to wait for an hour or two for the next dose. And I would be so frustrated coz I couldn’t move that much. However, when daddy showed me Jared’s first pictures in the nursery, all of my pain has disappeared. My handsome boy was my cure. I was so happy seeing him smile. His dimple so visible.

All the struggles, the trials, all of which are now forgotten. All I could remember now is the happiness my son is bringing into my life. I never get tired of those sleepless nights, when I had to wake up in the middle of the night to rock and sway him to sleep. The nights I had to endure the pain of my operation as I get up to nurse my little baby. All of those made my days even brighter. I had so much energy to fulfill all my duties as a mom. Jared is my son, and he is all mine.

Jared's 2nd day. I had to drag myself off bed to go the nursery to visit my newborn son. He is really so handsome. I am the happiest mom on earth.

I love the way my baby cry, the way he kicks, and the way he moves his head from left to right. I just love everything he does. He is so cute and handsome even when he’s asleep. He is an angel sent from above. Jared is a gift. And we all love and adore him.

Daddy and Mommy are now debating to whom did Jared got his good looks. Dad says, Jared is as handsome as he is. But Mom argues, he is mommy’s little angel. Well, he is our treasure. He is ours. And Nobody can take him away from us.

Lola Leila was also very excited to hold him, she cradled him to sleep on our first night at home. She would get up early to catch the morning sun with Jared.

Jared was a yellow baby brought about by our ABO incompatibility. Dad’s blood type is AB while Mom’s blood type is O. We were warned about this while I was still pregnant with him, and prior to the delivery, the nursery has been informed. I prayed that my baby will be healthy and that the incompatibility will just be minimal.

Jared on phototherapy

He was on phototherapy for a few days while we were still in the hospital. A common condition in newborns, jaundice refers to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. This process is needed to get rid of his jaundice. I needed to breastfeed my baby 8 to 12 times a day, hoping to lower down his bilirubin level.

Jared is my sunshine after the rain. I love him so dearly.




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