MORNING DEW – My Dew Drops

Battles fought. I sat in one corner to weep, curled on the floor shattered in pieces, and go through the process of letting it all out and GO. It was hard. But after over a month, I can say I surpass it all. And now I am gazing and smiling at every morning dew drops. Simple life’s surprises.

My pursuit of happiness is now making me in control of my emotions after all that I had to go through. The pain. The hurt. The tears. The smiles. The highs and the lows. At the end of the day, I will find my place in this world. And I will be chasing rainbows again, carefree as a bird. I wander in each corner of my broken soul and I see home. Home – where I can be myself, live, love and laugh without needing to pretend. Home is where my heart is now.

I am at peace. I need not to worry, I know that my love. No more angel’s cry.

Wanderlust, I was. Now I am home. In peace. In solitude. Wanderlust no more.

Search is over. I found my place. I found my home. I found my peace.

Simple pleasures of seeing morning dew, the urge to touch it, feeling the cold as it touches my skin. HAPPINESS.

And in every sunrise, there I see my morning dew, and I SEE YOU. I look up and I could feel the coolness of the breeze. Simple pleasures I see in each morning I wake up to.

You are the world to me. My Jared, you are Mommy's strength.

Jared, my beautiful boy, my biggest blessing, and my greatest gift. You are all I have now and will have FOREVER. I breathe for you, my Jared. You are like my water, my air, my world.

Thank you, son. For making Mommy smile every single day.

I may have gone through hell in my life, feeling invincible like gigantic garters has been pulling me up from every cornerstone of my misery, dragged in an empty shell. Yet here I am, winning, smiling, and loving. I may have lost a million times. Cried buckets of tears. Yet again, I survived it all. So I am here, once again, ready to conquer. Leaving the relics of the past behind.

My glittering morning dew. My rainbows. My life.

I have all these back.

The wind stroke my face in pleasant air as I woke just before dawn when the grass still wet. Licking the dew drops in my lips, sweet and salty. And I sigh...oh, how wonderful life can be.

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