Meeting of the Minds

Stimulate My Mind. You do it. And I’ll love it.

And by this I dont mean a vibrator with a calculator in the end. It means more than that.

In talking to people, it is not hard to figure out in a relatively short period of time their level of intelligence. Their ability to communicate and discuss matters that pertain to life, politics, history, health, love and overall daily events, not to mention RELIGION?

I love long discussions just about anything under the sun.  Maybe because I have been gifted with a very large or wide expanse of interest. And constant learning keeps me intellectually stimulated. Neither am I not afraid to admit what I don’t know. There is no need to pretend because it is better to learn what I don’t know.

Nothing compares to be engaged in a witty conversation with someone who speaks his mind and put mine at work as well. A healthy brain is a happy brain. I always keep that in mind.

We don’t always have to agree but the constant battle of opinions and point of views, discovering each other’s likes and dislikes, debating over what and which to believe, are food for my thoughts. My brain is forced to rock and roll.

Iron does sharpen iron and the brain needs to be stimulated on a daily basis. In my discussions with someone – I look forward to verbal volley ball (communication) and stimulating conversations. And this is how we make love. Really.

We all need companionship, but companionship is only made complete by conversation.

Mess up my mind, it’s a big turn on. You just have to have the most inherent awesome quality of being humble by default.

Satisfy my cravings for intelligent conversations, might just be over coffee, and we will have a bond.

Witty conversations over coffee - that's a perfect way to turn me on.

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