30 before 30

My 30 list of things to do before I reach the age of 30 goes by my mantra “Enjoy life, be wild, and get it out of your system.” Barely 20 months to go, I am looking back at my mild and cottony sort of life in my early 20’s. Fondly, I would have done so much to live a wild and woolly youth so as not to waste but rather take advantage of what I still have: energy, idealism, enthusiasm, willingness to experiment, lack of encumbrances, desire to learn and grow. I don’t think making my 20’s pretty fun doesn’t mean my whole life will be a drag. In 20 months, I will have to accomplish my life goals, extreme sports and adventures, travels, etc…

  1. Start my Masters in Psychology with a dream of becoming a psychologist one day. Not pretty tough but would require time and lots of hard work and sacrifices.
  2. Go out on TV. This has always been a dream of mine. But it’s not to be an artista, or to be seen singing or dancing on ASAP but rather to be a host or maybe a segment host where I can give out advice or opinions on certain topics. Or to say the least, even just a guest on a talk show.
  3. Write a book. I love writing so much that I can think of various topics to write about. It’s time to get those ideas flowing and start writing.
  4. Write an article for a major daily. When I was in college, I really really wanted a career in journalism or broadcasting but I never got the chance to fulfill that urge. However, that doesn’t stop me to quit writing and reading. With my growing interest in human behavior in multi-cultural dynamics, I will have to submit some of my articles to a major daily for publication. That should be awesome.
  5. Put up a photography business. I got inspired by my OB-GYNE Dr. Aurora Rustia-Quiambao of Capitol Medical Center who is a practicing doctor and a painter. Her clinic and MMC delivery room are full of her art works.
  6. Venture into real estate and get a rent to own condo. I have been renting for 6 years, if only that amount of money went to the monthly amortization of a house or condo, I could have a place on my own now.
  7. Be part of an outreach program. I may not have that much money to spend on charities but my presence and effort could well contribute to make the lives of those less fortunate people more meaningful. I can be a volunteer for UNICEF or Red Cross, I can still make a difference. Money is not the only way to help.
  8. Sponsor a child from World Vision. Nothing compares the joy of sending someone to school and building a better life for him/her. I will have one (1) scholar before I reach 30.
  9. Have at least one of my poems in hallmark greeting cards.
  10. Learn to say “hello” in 50 languages.
  11. Meet my favorite author James Patterson.
  12. Become a vegetarian or pesco-vegetarian.
  13. I’ve never been a tech savvy. So before I reach 30, I should own something fancy and expensive. Purchase it with my eyes closed. I just hope it won’t give me a heart attack.
  14. Learn how to swim and go diving and snorkeling in the beautiful beaches of Palawan, Bohol, and Boracay.
  15. Once upon a time I have this fearless fantasy of sky diving and bungee jumping, and it must be fun to make it happen before I lose my energy and adventurous spirit.
  16. Go for a zip line in Bukidnon, the longest zip line in Asia. Nothing beats the rush to zoom past the beautiful view in just a few moments.
  17. Go horseback riding in the outback of New Zealand and Australia. But first, I will have to learn how to ride a horse, right? But if I can’t make it to AUS or NZ, Bukidnon and Davao are next on my list.
  18. Enjoy the high adrenaline experience and high flying adventure of parasailing. Sheer courage is required but I know my spirit is ready to take the plunge. Mactan, Boracay, Coron, Subic, anywhere.
  19. Climb a mountain. There is a different sense of achievement in mountain climbing, being able to reach the top is one thing, and being able to see the beauty of the slopes is another thing. But the satisfaction of being able to do it, it’s an absolute power.
  20. I always want to go ice skating but I don’t know how. But yes, it’s never too late to learn and rock the ice skating ring.
  21. Run a 10k marathon. I know I am getting there.
  22. Pole dancing is now a trend nowadays and is a sexy form of sport. I will need to lose some more pounds and regain my flexibility and learn how to be an expert in pole dancing.
  23. Learn how to rollerblade and ride a skateboard. I never tried getting into a rollerblade or ride a skateboard because I am scared I might trip or crash and hurt myself. But then, who cares?
  24. Take a basic defense class – karate.
  25. Learn how to drive. Don’t you know that at 28, I still don’t know how to drive? Amazingly.
  26. To finally fulfill my dream to take a backpacking trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The unconventional, inexpensive, and physically challenging travel adventure. The roadtrip in the foreign land is an absolute fun.
  27. Be a travel blogger. Who would pass up the chance of having the opportunity to travel for free and will only blog about it in return? That must be awesome. It’s called work with pleasure.
  28. Visit at least one of the seven new wonders of the world.
  29. Go for eat, pray, love journey alone. I hope I will have enough money to fulfill that dream before I reach 30.
  30. Have a close encounter with a snake. Since childhood, my biggest fear is to see, much worse, to touch a snake. I could still vividly remember how I usually get sick whenever I see a snake. But I know that I will have to overcome that fear, somehow.

This list is not a blue print of my ideal life but rather a manifestation of all my aspirations, goals, and adventures that I have been looking forward to achieve before I leave my energetic life in my 20’s. And I will just quote Helen Keller who says, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

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