The life we live is the life we build. Happiness is a behavior in which way that in order to pursue real happiness, one should not go through a certain formula, where one needs to eliminate sadness before they do things that will bring joy into their lives, or eradicate anger before they can behave graciously, and prevent optimism at a certain degree in order to avoid disappointments.

And I realize, just now, that if I want to pursue happiness, action must precede feelings. That means thinking of happiness as a set of behaviors that we can initiate rather than a set of feelings that we must wait for. Waiting for the right feeling is like waiting for the bus at the deserted bus stop. Or waiting to lose weight before even going on a diet. Ironic, isn’t it?

After going through hell and back, I now refuse to get hurt the same way twice. If I was an option before rather than I was a priority, then there is no reason why I should remain an OPTION until now. And in my journey to life, I choose not to dwell on my feelings but rather become more concerned with my actions. Just then I see that the world outside my mind is much more interesting than the world inside. Learning how to disobey my mind can be achieved by moving my focus from pleasant feelings into meaningful action. And I will be happier.

I don’t want to pursue happiness while my mind – those worry machines that never stop talking – erects roadblocks designed to insulate me from pain.

I’d like to judge the quality of my life by what I do rather than how I feel. I’d rather thank my mind for trying to keep me safe and forge ahead anyway. As odd as it may seem, sometimes emotions simply don’t matter very much in the pursuit of happiness.

And lastly, never leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.

2 thoughts on “I CAN CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY


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