The serenity of the moment. The clear blue sky. The silence of the horizon. The beauty of the sea. And the calm effect of your presence in this picturesque nature. It is indeed, a breath of fresh air.

In this twilight zone, the calmness of the spirit aids the calmness of the soul. The world is surrounded with an incredibly impossible yet extraordinary gift of adopting the pace of nature. In silence. In solitude. The secret is patience.

I used to go out for a walk at sunrise, jog around and have a deep conversation with nature, laying out all the burdens my heart keeps, and concluded to stay out ’til sundown. For going out, I found, was really going in. Nature heals. Nature holds all the answers. I sit in the shade, look beyond, such a fine day I agreed, asked some questions and I listened profoundly to the response. Indeed, it is the most perfect refreshment. Only then, when I see nature in the real sense, will I ever understand everything better.

John Keats once said, “The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

The healing process is quite adamant of the status quo. Now I realize, when I finally see beyond what is within my grasp and stop dwelling on what might have been, my heart raptures in harmony of my tomorrows as it opens the windows of my soul. I can say, I am finally healed.

It may be too hard to admit, may be too difficult to fathom, yet it is very much compelling to finally blurt it out. That yes, I am ready and it’s making my world spinning in circles. Too fast, that I sometimes couldn’t keep up.

I need answers. For I am scared.

The beautiful sunset, cutting throught the surface of the water is like mirrors in the sea. The silhouettte is totally captivating, the excitement within is just as contagious.

My sunrise. My sunsets. I need not be afraid. For the happiness I feel within is genuinely beautiful and overflowing with divine gratitude. Because I know, a setting sun still whispers a promise for tomorrow.

So what if I am. So what if I am taking the risk again?

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