Sweet Escape

I write. I read. I learn. I educate. I pray. Today I just did and it’s therapeutic. I have given life a balance and forget the can of worms.

Weekdays can be strenous and it can drag me to the edge. The amount of energy I spend at work is somehow causing me to drift away from my sanity. I do not complain. I maybe just need time to breathe and forge away from the buzz of the city life and take a back seat to leave the fast lane temporarily.

My career is my life. It is my sweet escape. Yet, there are times that working too much is not healthy anymore. Life should be balanced to enrich our inner soul, to bring us back to reality. That, indeed, there is life outside the workplace.

I grabbed a book, sat down in my corner, and binge on a calorie-free diet as I start flipping pages. When I need to escape in a world where I can stay undisturbed, James Patterson book is a total luxury. I finished KILL ME IF YOU CAN in one sitting.

“Matthew Bannon, a poor art student living in New York City, finds a duffel bag filled with diamonds during a chaotic attack at Grand Central Station. Plans for a worry-free life with his gorgeous girlfriend Katherine fill his thoughts—until he realizes that he is being hunted, and that whoever is after him won’t stop until they have reclaimed the diamonds and exacted their revenge.”


Trailing him is the Ghost, the world’s greatest assassin, who has just pulled off his most high-profile hit: killing Walter Zelvas, a top member of the international Diamond Syndicate. There’s only one small problem: the diamonds he was supposed to retrieve from Zelvas are missing. Now, the Ghost is on Bannon’s trail—but so is a rival assassin who would like nothing more than to make the Ghost disappear forever.

Books are my indulgence. And being a bookworm is how I will always be. Now I can’t wait for the next book that is up for a worldwide release on March 26, 2012.

No husbands allowed

Only minutes after Abbie Elliot and her three best friends step off of a private helicopter, they enter the most luxurious, sumptuous, sensually pampering hotel they have ever been to. Their lavish presidential suite overlooks Monte Carlo, and they surrender: to the sun and pool, to the sashimi and sake, to the Bruno Paillard champagne. For four days they’re free to live someone else’s life. As the weekend moves into pulsating discos, high-stakes casinos, and beyond, Abbie is transported to the greatest pleasure and release she has ever known.

What happened last night?

In the morning’s harsh light, Abbie awakens on a yacht, surrounded by police. Something awful has happened—something impossible, unthinkable. Abbie, Winnie, Serena, and Bryah are arrested and accused of the foulest crime imaginable. And now the vacation of a lifetime becomes the fight of a lifetime—for survival. GUILTY WIVES is the ultimate indulgence, the kind of nonstop joy-ride of excess, friendship, betrayal, and danger that only James Patterson can create. 

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