Home: To Reflect and To Let Go

Big waves. Cool wind. Drizzle. A walk on the shore. A peaceful view. A heart at rest. I am home. ♥

Loving life is learning when to pause once in a while. Take time to smell the flowers. For all we really have is – Here & Now.

Letting go.

Let go of Worries. A worry-free spirit brings a peaceful glow into our lives. It keeps us binded with our inner core. It creates a balance into our own kindred spirit that leaves not only a minute of solitude but a long and peaceful life. A worry-free heart gives more, understands better and loves deeper.

I am keeping my realities intact, staying in parallel with my circumstances, and adhering to my desires. A restless heart and a restless mind are what we shouldn’t have. Once in a while, it pays to just go with the flow and live in constant happiness. As being happy is always a choice. Always a reminder that, indeed, life is what we make it. Life is ours to live and ours to build. And we shouldn’t let our circumstances ruin what we build in order to remain happy and hopeful.

Holidays. A time to reflect. When I am alone and weary. When my heart is at home. My heart gives so much without needing to pretend, without asking for anything in return. I feel for destiny. I pray for a worthwhile journey. And I keep my faith intact.

It was a joy to finally be with the love of my life, with my main man. My Jared.

I see his face. I smell his breath. I feel his heart. This is peace. Worthy to be missed. I love you, son.


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