Sunday Guilty Pleasures

Indeed. Sunday is my time to catch up with my reading pleasures. Don’t we just all love Sundays? I bet most of you do.

A hot and humid day, I sat down in one corner to think, ponder, and imagine – “such a lazy afternoon to do anything.” I just thought. Temperature at 4pm manila time registeres at 35.9 degrees. Too hot.

Indeed…on a hot summer day, COKE is my thirst quencher. Made my day.

So i was tempted. I opened my fridge and opened a bottle of cold and iced coca-cola. Oh guilty pleasures, you just make me so happy. Then I saw a bag of potato chips – my favorite V-Cut is just heavenly. Screw my diet for now. I just didn’t care. I closed my eyes and felt the cold soda dripping in my tongue. Tasty. Delicious. Satisfying. Mouth-watering. Yum.

Put on my headset, turned on my sunday playlist – MARIO in the house. I was in the mood for some music, humming I CHOOSE YOU. Alone. I didn’t care, nobody could hear me, so I went singing……

Whenever you feel like dancing
You don’t have to dance alone, no
You know, you know, you know
You should already know
I choose you

I turned on the TV – the usual Sunday variety shows. I settled for ASAP for a while. There’s nothing much to do on a Sunday. I was a clicker for a while, keep changing channels until I get bored.

Oh la la…my comfort food. Bored no more. As I took a bite. Tasted it. Green mangoes – how fast can you change my mood? In a snap…my happy indulgence. Always my mood booster.

My healthiest indulgence for this afternoon, is when I grabbed a NICHOLAS SPARKS off my book shelf and start flipping pages. THE LAST SONG – a story about family, first loves, second chances and the moments in life that lead you back HOME. For a while the house was quiet, I embraced the serenity of the moment. This is a story that made me weeping for the joy and tragedy of it all. Achingly moving. A tragedy and a love story – a Nicholas Sparks trademark.

Relationships can break our hearts…and heal them.

But my guiltiest pleasure – rare conversations with people I adore….

I spent serious and loving conversation with my mom – our fortress. Grateful for the unconditional love you have given us, for giving without asking for anything in return, without needing to pretend. And as I said ma, “I may have failed you so many times in the past, still you never took me for granted. You kept your grip on me. And you continue to uplift my spirit and heal my broken soul.” Happy birthday Mama. You are, will always be, my fortress. I love you to pieces. ♥

The last get together – 11.11.11 CELEBRATING FRIENDSHIP

I shared laughter and stories with my good friends – Kath and Diomel. Oh, how I missed those kind of conversations. Reminiscing the past, going back 15 years before – the Lucky Niners and the Karagema Joy. I just couldn’t stop laughing. We may be in different parts of the globe, still we find time to catch up even if we are living in different time zones. I can always be real with you – friends who never judge, never surrenders, you just listen and laugh with my remarks. The irony is, whatever the issue was remains unresolved. And to the rest of the gang – until our next reunion…my house is always open. I miss you guys, I miss us.

My heart is at peace, at rest, and undeniably happy. My laughter, my guffaws, my smiles, just cannot describe how happy I really am these days. Jake, you may be far from me, yet talking to you constantly bring joy into my world. I am celebrating life…and I am taking it one day at a time.  I have seen better days. You are one of my Sunday guilty pleasures. Thank you for being my clown this afternoon.

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