SUMMER OF 2012 – Life in the Countryside

A mother would do everything and anything for her child. It is her heart’s desire to make sure her child will get the best care in the world. If her child cries, she’d automatically be on the rescue, to pacify and to comfort, to ease the pain, because a Mother’s caress and loving embrace will make things better.

Life in the countryside is an experience that every child must have; a kind of life that will teach him how to appreciate the simple things and how to celebrate the simplest joys. It is where he will learn the basics of survival. It is where he will see the beauty of nature. It is where he will find the treasures of his youth. Because once he knew where he came from, he will appreciate his surroundings even more when he spreads his wings and fly high. When he explores the world, he will always remember his Home.

Since rarely do we get the chance to be together, Jared and I find ways to maximize our time together.


Together we bathe.
Then together we eat.
So together we sleep.
Contentment we behold,
Just as we wake up beside each other.


A childhood well lived is a life well spent. It is an experience that I want Jared to have, for him to understand how to live simply, learning to be happy with what he has. To feel contentment in every aspect of his life, to enrich his soul, for this will eventually complete his well being. Childhood experiences will make him the person that he will become. And I’d like him to experience the dirty stuff – to play in the sun, get dirty, and fall. In these experiences, he will learn how to stand up, and courageously fight to win, and in every loss will he learn camaraderie and sportsmanship. A child will learn better from first-hand experiences. Jared’s energy is contagious; it drives everyone crazy. He runs. He falls. He stands up. He laughs. He cries.

His curiosity is amazing. He will try everything that he sees – he learned how to twist the lid of a bottle, he figured out how to use the spoon, he found out how to comb his hair, he knew where to put his feeding bottle once he’s finished – and a few more he figured out on his own.

Jared is most happy when surrounded with people. Just like me, he simply loves the crowd.

…you are mom’s every joy.

To beat the summer heat, we called all the children from the neighborhood and spend a wet afternoon. The water was so cold, more like spring water. At the start, Jared was crying, scared to be alone inside the pool with the rest of the kids. So I had no choice but to get in and get wet as well. Certain things a mother would do when her child is scared and in tears. Just as when I had to memorize all the songs from Barney’s and Sesame Street because these are what Jared wants to watch.

These activities will lead my child into a more educated thinking, more cognitive way of adapting to his environment. And the activities we do together, no matter how small and how rare they are, still would keep balance into his growth, especially that Jared has the most unconventional family set up around him.

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