My Jogger’s Playlist – How it Boosts my Sprint and my Spirit

Music sets your mood in every situation that you engage yourself into, it trains your mind and body to perform its optimum mindset, more like a mood booster at its highest form. In most cases, music is known to relieve stress, anxiety, and even insomnia, as it increases balance, focus, alertness, and memory. As it sets your mood, music equates happiness.

When I run, I go for a slower pace for a few minutes. As I go along, that’s when I gradually increase my pace and sprint. So I organize my playlist to cover my 5k run for a maximum of an hour on an ordinary day. I choose songs that I can relate to and at the same time could make my mood to run faster, that would make me feel the need to run more. Organizing my playlist is a therapy in itself. Because the more we like a piece of music, the greater its potential effect on our mind and body. The thing about organizing or having your own customize playlist is a skill.

My playlist is composed of the music of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Craig David, Mario, Joe, Edwin McCain, Usher, Train, Daughtry, Vertical Horizon, Coldplay, Matchbox Twenty.

My Top 5 songs: what makes me increase energy and focus in my runs. Running is like taking a roadtrip. ♥

1. 93 Million Miles – Jason Mraz

2. The Remedy – Jason Mraz

3. No Such Thing – John Mayer

4. Jet Lag – Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield

5. Skippin’ – Mario

In picking my songs, I always consider the emotional connection, songs that send me the right emotional message to power my run. I like those that spark emotional, feel-good memories from my childhood that brings in the kick to my mental and emotional state as it fuels my usual pace. The positive effects of the songs usually let my mind play with a mental movie of those memories as I jog.

Some runners would consider BPM (beats per music) when organizing their playlist, they go for 135 – 160 BPM for jogs. I don’t usually count the BPM but rather I choose the song that will enable me to sustain my grip to keep going and surge forward. I just organize them to stream up to my desired running speed at some point. I just figure out where and when do I want to pump up my run, from slower speed to a faster speed, then steady songs to cool down and relax a bit.

In the end, I just go with the songs that will relax and stir a bit of inspiration as I move along.

Imagine your mind uncluttered, happy, and free. It happens when I jog. ♥

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