June: Birthday Month – Reflection of a Year that Was

2011 – year that was….

It was a crazy ride but I surpassed every turn, every crossroad, and every bump on the road. A year’s journey was worth the fight, and worth the wait. For here I am – carefree, vibrant, and full of life. I can only breathe a profound sigh of relief now.

Self-esteem is shattered by several negative experiences and life events that can lead to a more complex mental disorder. Poor self-esteem can be associated with long-term and traumatic experiences in life that one was not able to come to terms with. It is a constant battle with one’s own mental state. Whatever I went through is a time I never wish to go back to.

I became hostile with my environment, with the people around me, I see nothing good in everything that I do. I am easily discouraged, I see things differently. Or rather, I just simply refuse to see the positive side of everything. I anticipate the worst. I was a pessimist. I was stubborn. Suddenly, I found myself in a downward spiral.

Certain realizations came into perspective.  To boost my confidence and self-esteem and break out this vicious circle, here was my journey…bitter-sweet, it was. ♥

  • I started to think positively about myself. I reminded myself of what I deserve and where I should be headed. I took clutters off my chest.
  • I started to build my confidence by wearing what makes me feel good about myself. Insecurities off from my closet.
  • Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” And one must suffer to be beautiful. New year was new look, new perspective, new ME – better, bolder, and braver. So I say, I am a woman of strength.
  • Going for a brisk walk or a jog regularly, breaking into sweat, and doing some vigorous exercise totally changed my whole perspective. I suddenly have a better understanding of how my body works and how to take care of it. This activity sets my daily grind.
  • I spend more time with the people I hold near and dear. To enlarge my social circle, I went out to meet people. Fearless, I am.
So now, I am the person that I have lost. I have you back, I tell myself. It is liberating as I reflect to the year that was – the defining moments of my life that may have seem fatal for a while have made this journey worthwhile. So on my birthday month, I plan to continue what I have started – to move positively forward. FEARLESS.


And I wanna be like the wild horses.

 all I want is the wind in my hair, to face the fear and not feel scared…

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