A Stopover. A Pitstop.

As we cross the highway, life will reward us the chance to realize what is important, who actually matters, and where we’re headed. We stumble upon roadblocks that will hand over the lessons we need that will  keep us driving straight ahead. But at some point, life has to take some stopovers.

Stopovers. Some are fun. Some are inspirational. Some left precious memories. But down that lane, sadly, some are just plain worthless.

Life is a joyride. It is a joyful journey. Paulo Coelho has put it simply in his book Aleph Life is a train, not a station. And I have to agree, for life means a lifelong journey. We travel far by going through the mandatory consequences of our actions, as we get in touch with our mistakes, and decide which way to go by choosing either the right way or the wrong way. It is, and will always be, a choice.

However, as we drive ahead, we shouldn’t put all our energy to the things we are running away from, rather we have to give much thought to the things we are working toward. But along the way, there are obstacles, there are roadblocks, there are stopovers, because a road without one would lead us nowhere.

Realizations do not come on handy, because sometimes life will hit you in the head with a stone, and you gotta have your faith intact, and ready to surge forward.

Joel Osteen Ministries: If you want your life to get better, sometimes the best thing you can do is to help improve somebody else’s life.


And just recently, someone came knocking at my door, barely breathing, his life in a downward spiral. Conscientiously, I heed his sorrow, conspired the whole universe to listen. Just a moment, I whispered. His choices were unconventional, his escape was unhealthy. What a waste, I thought. But I can only do so much, the rest will still be his choice.

So when I bid goodbye, I said…so long, the road is a stretch, still a long drive ahead. For a while, he kept saying, “you keep me going.” So, let it be, keep going. I was once your stopover, too. Hopefully, you’ve learned something. At pitstop, I was there to shake you as you reach the highway towards the horizon. Life is yours to live now….

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