Celebrating Freedom and Independence – at 30.

If society would allow me to explore the world most conservatives are trying to avoid, a topic so pretty uncommon even on this day and age, where the liberals with munificent gift are born, I broke into the world of the uncommon past to find some answers.

At 30, most women have already gone through life and is now ready to celebrate and embrace the peaks and the valleys. So it is but uncommon to find out that no matter how liberated the world has become, there still is a few women who remained to live the life of the undefeated norm – the 30-year-old virgins or NBSB (no boyfriend since birth.)

And if I am to implicate the story behind the world of shame and isolation, it is a world where people feel seriously stuck, handicapped, and not part of the adult world. And I ponder, why would someone who decides to stay a virgin at 30, would feel ashame to reveal her sexual status? Or was it a decision?

May it be a choice or a consequence, does someone has the right to even question it? I don’t think anyone has to. In this world, we live in our own consequences, we make our own choices, and we learn from our own mistakes.

Never a dull moment. Loud, perky, full of life – someone who has the gift of gab, who can make everyone laugh in just a single remark, is not conservative at all. A free bird, a free spirit. She is, after all, just like the rest of us, hungry to discover the world.

Values, principles, and upbringing.

These have never been an issue to where she’s at right now – single at 29. At some point, I asked, “Are you hopeful?” And with all positivity she said, “Of course, I am. I also would like to feel how to love and be loved by someone.”

Taking the risk.

Yes, if only she has given dating a chance, she could have been married by now. She’s not even skeptical about pre-marital sex. Surprisingly, she bluntly tells me, “If I have a partner, I might have tried it too.” She’s flirtatious by nature yet reserved in certain ways like going out on a date. She recalls, she was asked for a date before but she didn’t take it seriously because she thought he’s not sincere. And one, she thought, was gay. Fear and inhibitions, these are what hinder her chances to experience the exciting world of dating. And at 29, she’s not scared to stay single as she reaches the age of 30.

Mutual Understanding. 

Yes. At some point, she went through that stage. No formal coutship. No commitment. She just felt there was something special between the two of them. It sparked some magic in her life, once upon a time.


It is a stereotype conclusion that people have in their minds when someone is said to be single at 30. How can freedom and independence be labelled as dull and frustrating? But yes, she’s somehow, a little bit embarrassed, because she feels she’s not good looking enough to have a partner.


She just put it simply, “I have learned not to judge people.”

Positive and hopeful, she’s now ready to take life head on in search for that fairy tale love story that is yet to come.

Sometimes, we need not to judge somebody else’s circumstances just because their stories do not fit in to the status quo. We have our own unique story to tell.

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