The Things We Do on Birthday Month with Mytze Coi

Friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

There was an immediate connection the moment we talk. There was that rare blast of certainty when we laugh. Then suddenly, we were inseparable. I am in awe at how things have turned out to be. In my journey, I never thought I will ever find, as you call it, my tuwin.

Our Birthday Month is coming to an end. Let’s go back to how we celebrate the Gemini life..

Rainy Night at Tomato Kick.

The first of June. Finally, our birthday month. The plan to go out that night was nearly aborted because of what happened the night before. But I made it to our date night. The rainy friday night with so much tales to share, the night we laughed our heart out, as we venture out to a stormy saturday morning in the wee hours.

Breakfast at McDonalds.

Yours is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg and hot choco. Mine is Hamdesal with egg and pineapple juice. A daily BBM – “where are you?” at 8:30 am would lead us to a hearty laugh with breakfast at McDonalds. It has always been a moment of rush, a few minutes before 9am as we run towards the elevator.

Unlimited Cake at Cravings.

We mumble, “Diet starts today. No rice.” But then, there comes that random thought that surreptitiously creeps in, “I want some sweets!” And there we are, sitting at Cravings and enjoying unlimited cake and bottomless iced tea. Whoa, diet plan gone to waste.

A Date at Happy Lemon.

Those days when I was so confused and I need some moment to talk, you took me where I can have my Happy Everyday at Happy Lemon. The kick of Lemon Peppermint works its wonders as I seek solace from my own confused soul. You took clouds off my chest when you said, “No, you are not hurting anyone. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Enjoy your day. Go and claim your special night.” Yes, it’s my birthday, anyway!

Dinner at Everything at Steak.

I thought we were going to Greenhills just to shop. But we stopped at Everything at Steak for dinner as you kept telling me “Steak here is so good, you gotta taste it.” A night before my birthday, I was planning to go on a diet. Yet you made me eat this big plate of steak that the rice look so small. I was so full, I couldn’t finish my mac and cheese. The funny thing about that night though,  the shops in Greenhills were closing when we get there. Well, that’s what happen when we stuff our hungry stomach first before shopping.

Happy Birthday To Me.

♫♪ Happy birthday to you (2x) Happy birthday (2x) Happy birthday to you. ♪♫ Oh, I am so surprised! Thank you to my whole mobile team, you are the best! Love you all, my angels. You have made my day extra special. Indeed, a day to remember.

Happy Birthday To You.

The day, you were so difficult to deal with. The places I am trying to make you avoid are the places you’d like to go. How can you forget the moment I have to walk out on you at Eastwood Mall? That was so funny! I won, I am such a brat. Amidst all the fuss, the surprise was successful. Mobile Team are such good scammers, totally pulled it off.

An afternoon at Duty Free.

Retail therapy is indeed a woman’s escape. It was such a long drive all the way to duty free and with our loud voices and laughter, the stories made us survive the traffic. And you were so excited to hear my tales about that epic date. It was sooo funny. But to complete the night is the nike bag! I won over getting the purple one.

Kimmy Dora Night at The Movies.

The night we decided to let our guards down and be jologs for the night. We both choose to go see Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kyeme. It was such a funny movie, and knowing us, we laughed the loudest. The whole movie house might be wondering where we get the energy to laugh that loud. And for the night, I was Kimmy and you were Dora.

Dora: Eh kasi ate yung spirit galing pa sa Korea.

Hahaha…I’m so EGZOITED!!!

Fun Rock at Kangaroo Jack.

Oh the booze. You and John love the chicken skin. I feasted on my chicken intestine. While Jockie enjoyed his dinner buffet. And when Ian went on stage to jam. Indeed, made the night complete as he sang ♫♪ Going back to the corner where I first saw you. ♪♫ A perfect song for our birthday month. But an epic fail of the night was when your crush whom you thought was a shiboli turned out to be a guy?! I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Random Shopping at Ensembles.

“Oh 70% off,”  we both exclaimed. And I just can’t take my eyes off that mustard cardigan which you also agreed look good on me, haha. And you also cannot take that shades off your eyes. So off the rack, straight purchase, then off we go. That fast because there are people waiting for us who thought we were just at the ATM to get some cash.

Night Run at QC Memorial Circle.

The night was engaging enough for a nice run, a cone of dirty ice cream, and a bowl of special goto and mami soup. Steady night for our peaceful heart. We run to bond. However, as I target to finish my 20 rounds in the oval, you were there eating your ice cream as I was catching my breath asking for more water to replenish. Tsk!

An Overnight at your Place.

A feast on the dinner table, I finished a stick of barbecue, 3 sticks of isaw, a bowl of mami soup, and 2 bananas. *burp* Oh how happy my stomach was. (Good thing your mom was away, haha). Jake was so surprised when you played No One Else Comes Close while I am on skype with him. He told me “that was the song I sang for you.” Of course you know that because I told you the story behind that song. *wink* Then at midnight, we are hungry kids again, so we munched on Yellie’s stick-o and cheez balls. But dear, I want more bananas so I went downstairs to get some. Crazeee bees!

Sick Puppy at UST Hospital.

Oh dear, I was able to pull a surprise on you. Glad I made you happy. But in my every visit, seems like I am always the one who ate all the food brought in for you – macaroni soup, fried fish, mamon, lays, ruffles, pizza, donut, fries, cake, siopao, ginataan, chocolates, brownies, cupcake, and more! So there, in my happy stomach, I fell asleep! Does your mom really want to adopt me? Hahaha…

Glad you are out of the hospital now tuwin, as we end our birthday month in good shape, and in good mental state. Bipolars we are, bipolar we will always be.

So let’s welcome July with more fun activities…

On our July List:

Yellie’s 3rd birthday
House Hunting for my new abode
Regular Night Run at Circle
WWF Reverse Run on July 22
Outbreak Manila Zombie Run on July 28
Milo Marathon on July 29
And more…

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