Christian Grey. A wealthy, hot, sexy, and the most eligible bachelor of Seattle, known to have started an empire at age 21 and made it successful, he is Christian Grey, the billionaire HOT CEO of Grey Holdings Enterprises.

Anastasia Steelle. A bright, meek, and ordinary senior literary student of WSU, who innocently fell into the office of the mighty Christian Grey.

It was just an interview. For Ana, it was just a task she had to accomplish for a dear friend, notwithstanding the intimidation she had to endure in the company of a man who was known to be domineering and strong, and no matter how nervous she was, she managed to stir the curiosity of the mighty CEO.

An interview. An afternoon. A love story.

So there it all started. The trilogy was erotic, sexy, full of kinky fuckery (excuse the word) yet the romance between two separate souls made it worth the read, somehow.

When I decided to start the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey – the Book I, it was just mere curiosity that made me flip some pages. A few chapters after, I found myself in deep trance and totally into it. At first I thought, there’s too much sex into this book.

It was more than meets the eye. The story catapulted how an innocent and ordinary young woman made someone as cold as Christian Grey warms the hearts of so many. For most women, more than the rough sex that this book had, from Fifty Shades of Grey to Fifty Shades Darker until the conclusion at Fifty Shades Freed, the hope to find solace with someone, that love would bring each of us the fairy tale we all dream to have in a lifetime, it does make someone’s reality a dream come true. The over the top bastard Christian Grey, for some, was Ana’s beautiful dream or her most gruesome nightmare.

Christian Grey. His lifestyle is nothing of the ordinary, his sexual preferences and choices, when execution is most concerned, are more than what an innocent virgin and ordinary girl like Ana could ever comprehend. Yet, it was an adventure that she endearingly embraced which in the end brought them closer together. Their journey was more than ordinary yet tasteful. For Ana and Christian, it was a journey, that lasts them a lifetime, as concluded in Fifty Shades Freed – their laughter as a family was a scene that lights up like a summer dawn, full of hope.

His need for control was a coping mechanism. His urge to punish was his way of releasing the anger he had inside him. The kinky fuckery, the spanking and all – was more of a lifestyle than sexual sadism, made colorful by the image of the Red Room of Pain, known as the playroom. His choices, his lifestyle, his attitude – all rooted from his unknown dark past. Vanilla or hardcore romance, a reality that modern society learns to embrace. Christian and Ana, in retrospect, admittedly love to play and enjoy the moment of lust and end their tryst with love and passion. From rugged fuck to passionate vanilla lovemaking.

Everybody thinks he’s strong and dominating, yet in reality he’s so fragile and lost. He was, as Ana found out, a little boy lost in a sea of fear and pain, frightened, neglected, abused – hurt beyond all endurance.

Ana, on the other hand, knew nothing about the world. She was introduced to all sorts of unknown discoveries as she welcomed the life of Christian Grey. She was brave enough to discover it, more than brave enough to try it even. She then entered a world she never knew existed.

Love. Who would have thought, that the cold and angry Christian Grey, would eventually fall in love. It was, in this story, so refreshing to envision. The romance brought out the real entertainment into this kind of plot. In essence, most women, started to crave for their own Christian Grey. I, included, is not spared.

Domineering and rough at one point, then loving and soft the next. He was, indeed, human as we all are, emotionally captivated with the ordinary yet extraordinary Anastasia Steelle. He was, a breath of fresh air.

A lost boy that he was, Christian, found solace in Ana’s warm embrace, contrary to everybody’s expectation that it was Ana who found solace in Christian’s life. It was Ana who made Christian confront his past, it was her who brought out the fragile little lost boy sprung to life, and it was, indeed, only her who could defy the dominating nature of Christian Grey. And it was Ana who made Christian Grey look at the world differently.

For Ana and Christian, sex was a huge part of their relationship that may have brought their fantasies to life, but it was love that emanates the life they have dreamed for their future and brought them together to fulfill each others dreams. Two souls in need, two souls in love. In one erotic journey.

And in perspective, our past and upbringing, play a huge part in shaping our future. But it’s how we confront the past that makes all the difference.

Again, time heals. Hope exists.

In conclusion, the love story of Christian and Ana, made us all dream of our own ever after, whatever circumstances there might be.

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