Take A Break


My life needs me, it’s time to take a break.

Pause for a while. Slow down for a moment. Breathe for a second. Feel the breeze. Smell the flowers. Step outside and live your life. Reboot by taking a break.

The world is moving too fast, lifestyle is changing in a snap, so when we get caught up with the busy life bandwagon, we lose connection to the things that feed the mind and cultivate the soul. There is more to life than working too much. Leave some time to think new thoughts and find leisure.

There are 50 ways to take a break, let’s break down a few to my personal preference.

1. Light a candle.


The warm sweet scents, the comforting fragrance, and the candlelit effect against the city lights, soothe the spirit, calm the soul, and free the mind. I light scented candles at night after work, lift my legs up, and enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy at home. This is what comfort does for me – solitude at it’s finest.

2. Read a book.


Books are always a good holiday takeaway because reading not only feeds the mind but tickles the imagination too. It is a perfect way to detangle myself from the trappings of some daily crap. Reading takes me to a place I have never been to, it gives me the vision of a life only my imagination can fulfill. So to connect good feelings, I grab a book and read. Anyway, I was born a bookworm, so books are my growing up bestfriends.

3. Watch the stars.


Staring at the night sky, gazing at the stars, counting constellations, bring me back to reality. We live in a world. And the world is a giant mirror of sparkling tiny dots that give life to a dark night sky. Stars sparkle in it’s grand nature to let me realize that life shines when I allow it to. Life is what we make it. Same way as the way we see things depend on how we accept and interpret them.

4. Go for a run.


Running releases more than just sweat. Jog. Run. Sprint. It is more than just a race. It clears the mind as it works up the body. The only escape that can see through the life we live. Because I also run to chase the life I have nearly given up. So I am granting myself a chance to lace up my shoes and enjoy my inner peace. Believe me, running keeps the mind at peace.

5. Write a journal.


A journal is a friend. It is a place where I can create my private nook to reflect on a deeper level. I don’t keep a journal but I maintain a personal blog that serves as an outlet out of the real world. I write what I can grasp within me. A mirror to my soul is what writing does for me.

So yes, taking a break, can bring us back to the core of our being. We live to enjoy life. We work to learn and grow as an individual. But we shouldn’t allow the busy grind to define us and take away the most important – a time for ourselves, a time for our families and friends, and a time to reflect to see the deeper value of what life is all about.

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