A Bookworm Is a Bookworm

Bookworms are the happiest creatures in their own habitat, where books are more precious than gold, where one can live more than one life in one place, where realities can be challenged in a series of a fictional lifetime. Quoting a line that says…

a library is a hospital for the mind ~ Anonymous

The smell of old books bring me peace no one can give. So much excuse I give myself for staying up late at night, curled up in bed with a book in handI find so difficult to put down.

The more you read, the better you will write, someone told me once. I love doing both. It goes both ways, I must admit. I get caught up in a book one moment, and find myself wanting to scribble a few notes the next. I write almost about anything and any random topic I see worth writing about. Reading and writing provide balance to my mental health after a dreadful and draining day at work. Reality kicks in when the curtain outside is closed.

I also acknowledge the fact that after each book in a series from my favorite author, I start counting the days until the next one comes out. My idea of a perfect weekend is being curled up in the poolside reading a Patterson in a paperback or kindle.

And I would say that I am one of those people who read the book first before a movie adaptation made it popular. More often than not, no matter how tasteful a book is, poor execution in a movie can ruin it all. Stick to the book, I must say.

Reading can stretch my imagination, without the visuals, just then the plot becomes magnanimously limitless.

On a quiet friday night, my hot date is always Mr. Tall, dark, and fictional.

In college, I would always tell myself I am out of budget, however, when I am standing in a bookstore, I’d always find the money for a new book/s. That’s how the book collection grows. I splurge on them. I still do. And surely, I’ll always will.

And when ask what is my favorite book, the list is endless. There is just too much I have read, and a lot more to read. The library is continuously growing.

Summer is coming and I am looking forward to a few days on the beach with the best accessory ever – a good read.

I miss those times when I still have the luxury of time to hang out for hours in Powerbooks Glorietta or Fully Booked SM The Block. Oh those wonderful, wonderful days! Nothing beats the joy of reading. No one can explain how can flipping pages sound like music.


The heart belongs at home. Peace is found where home is. And home is where I find the books I seek solace from. It is when life starts to roll again.

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