Happy Birthday, Mahal.


A happy wife is a happy life.

The distance was nothing but heartbreaking. The agony of separation has always been a challenge. The anxiety of longing was more than excruciating. I know and you knew how many times I almost was on the verge of giving up. At my weakest moments, you were there to keep me together, to keep the faith intact. I was losing grip to what we built. I was losing hope to what we dreamed for. I was unexpectedly just breaking down everyday in the past year. But you chose to hold on. You never let me lose hope, as much as you never question my weakness, instead you chose to love me even more without conditions.

We both know how much broken I was when we met. Yet you chose to pick up the pieces and bring me back to life. You loved and still loving me more amidst every imperfection, every mistake, and every wrong. In your eyes and in your heart, I am but your queen. And I tell you again and again that I am proud to be your wife.

I was reading the book of Gary Chapman last night, The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional about a topic close to home – changing anger patterns and finding the source of anger. It says, “You didn’t get your way, so you are angry. That is childish. It’s time to grow up and realize that in marriage, you don’t always get what you want.” I appreciate your patience, and I will never question how much you love and honor me, and so I apologize for the many times I have always been a brat. You allow allowances for mistakes and love me beyond my faults. I love you many times over.


Happy birthday mahal, 31 and 34 years has never been this good. I loved our skype movie date. It’s amazing that through the timezone difference, we get to celebrate our birthdays at the same time. Happy birthday to us.



Together we pray, on our next birthday, we will no longer be apart. And FAITH is keeping us together.

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