Part I: The Sunset Saga in Manila


I Choose You

2014-05-30 00.48.04

The afternoon-sun-dappled green lawn of Intramuros golf course is the immediate view just below the sky deck of The Bayleaf Hotel. The quixotic glow of the sun at half past 5 in the afternoon added radiance and blaze amidst the festive mood of the moment. It’s almost the end of summer in Manila. Towards the end of Autumn in Australia. Today, two families become one. Two continents together. In these seasons, life become meaningful.

I love you may times over.

I love you many times over. I will love you a million other ways.


The Date. The 19th of May is our anniversary. And so we agreed to hold our civil wedding on the same date. In God’s perfect timing, our Christian wedding will be held on the same date, too. Standby for Part II of this saga.

The Venue. Picture-perfect views, towering skylines, and a spectacular sunset ~ a stunning romantic glow. Simple yet elegant. Quiet and intimate. It was more than extraordinary. It is more than a promise well delivered by the sky deck bar of The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, a place that took us in awe of God’s perfect creation in the heart of Manila. The sun was up. The sunset was beaming with radiance, the people were so warm and delighted, our hearts were full.

The Guests. Close and immediate family and friends, a small handful of crowd who celebrated with us, added tranquility and stillness to an intimate gathering.

The Ceremony. My dream has always been to have a small, quiet, and intimate wedding ceremony. My husband never faltered to honor all my wishes. Well, I am the bride. And at that beautiful moment, everytime my husband glances my way, I melt like buttercream in an overheated cupcake. Yes, I am marrying God’s perfect choice for me. The ceremony was a combination of peace and quiet mixed with little guffaws and sweet tender smiles, as we sealed our commitment towards fulfilling our own forever and beyond. And while the ceremony is rolling, I can’t seem to wish anything more beautiful than this.

The Cocktails. Red wine was served after the ceremony, while some took pictures while enjoying the setting of the striking sun. The horizon started to go from yellow to deep orange, darkening the mid sky, the boys sat and settled in one corner to enjoy a bottle of brandy and a moment of afternoon glow. The rest opted for beer and fruit shake, iced tea and sparkling water. While some gathered in one corner for some catch up and warm hugs. We were surrounded by the people closest to our hearts.

The Dinner. While everyone found their own solace, deep in their own conversations, dinner was served at around 7PM. In between drinks, everybody made new friends. It was pure bliss to look around knowing that everyone knows and comfortable with each other. And we thought, this is our family. And soon, our family in Australia will share the same joy as we celebrate life with them too. It will be very, very soon.



More than what forever can promise. More than what our infinity can hold. More than what words can say. More than what our feelings can do. More than what life can figure out for us. This is our destiny.

More than what forever can promise. More than what our infinity can hold. More than what words can say. More than what our feelings can do. More than what life can figure out for us. This is our destiny.


It was an awesome afternoon.

It was an awesome afternoon.



I remember a year ago when my husband, who was then my boyfriend, whispered to me, “I need not to look anymore, I already found the one.” I thought, in all honesty, he uttered those words for nothing, for the sake of being sweet and modest, for trying to play the romantic. I remember, he was a bit tipsy. But I have to admit, those notable words made my heart skip a beat. Never did I comprehend that five months later, he’d come back to ask for my hand in marriage. I said yes, of course. And now we are married.

It was a bliss to see how God blessed us with a wonderful life, a supportive family, and loyal friends.


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