Part I: The Sunset Saga in Manila


I Choose You

2014-05-30 00.48.04

The afternoon-sun-dappled green lawn of Intramuros golf course is the immediate view just below the sky deck of The Bayleaf Hotel. The quixotic glow of the sun at half past 5 in the afternoon added radiance and blaze amidst the festive mood of the moment. It’s almost the end of summer in Manila. Towards the end of Autumn in Australia. Today, two families become one. Two continents together. In these seasons, life become meaningful.

I love you may times over.

I love you many times over. I will love you a million other ways.


The Date. The 19th of May is our anniversary. And so we agreed to hold our civil wedding on the same date. In God’s perfect timing, our Christian wedding will be held on the same date, too. Standby for Part II of this saga.

The Venue. Picture-perfect views, towering skylines, and a spectacular sunset ~ a stunning romantic glow. Simple yet elegant. Quiet and intimate. It was more than extraordinary. It is more than a promise well delivered by the sky deck bar of The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, a place that took us in awe of God’s perfect creation in the heart of Manila. The sun was up. The sunset was beaming with radiance, the people were so warm and delighted, our hearts were full.

The Guests. Close and immediate family and friends, a small handful of crowd who celebrated with us, added tranquility and stillness to an intimate gathering.

The Ceremony. My dream has always been to have a small, quiet, and intimate wedding ceremony. My husband never faltered to honor all my wishes. Well, I am the bride. And at that beautiful moment, everytime my husband glances my way, I melt like buttercream in an overheated cupcake. Yes, I am marrying God’s perfect choice for me. The ceremony was a combination of peace and quiet mixed with little guffaws and sweet tender smiles, as we sealed our commitment towards fulfilling our own forever and beyond. And while the ceremony is rolling, I can’t seem to wish anything more beautiful than this.

The Cocktails. Red wine was served after the ceremony, while some took pictures while enjoying the setting of the striking sun. The horizon started to go from yellow to deep orange, darkening the mid sky, the boys sat and settled in one corner to enjoy a bottle of brandy and a moment of afternoon glow. The rest opted for beer and fruit shake, iced tea and sparkling water. While some gathered in one corner for some catch up and warm hugs. We were surrounded by the people closest to our hearts.

The Dinner. While everyone found their own solace, deep in their own conversations, dinner was served at around 7PM. In between drinks, everybody made new friends. It was pure bliss to look around knowing that everyone knows and comfortable with each other. And we thought, this is our family. And soon, our family in Australia will share the same joy as we celebrate life with them too. It will be very, very soon.



More than what forever can promise. More than what our infinity can hold. More than what words can say. More than what our feelings can do. More than what life can figure out for us. This is our destiny.

More than what forever can promise. More than what our infinity can hold. More than what words can say. More than what our feelings can do. More than what life can figure out for us. This is our destiny.


It was an awesome afternoon.

It was an awesome afternoon.



I remember a year ago when my husband, who was then my boyfriend, whispered to me, “I need not to look anymore, I already found the one.” I thought, in all honesty, he uttered those words for nothing, for the sake of being sweet and modest, for trying to play the romantic. I remember, he was a bit tipsy. But I have to admit, those notable words made my heart skip a beat. Never did I comprehend that five months later, he’d come back to ask for my hand in marriage. I said yes, of course. And now we are married.

It was a bliss to see how God blessed us with a wonderful life, a supportive family, and loyal friends.


Happy Birthday, Mahal.


A happy wife is a happy life.

The distance was nothing but heartbreaking. The agony of separation has always been a challenge. The anxiety of longing was more than excruciating. I know and you knew how many times I almost was on the verge of giving up. At my weakest moments, you were there to keep me together, to keep the faith intact. I was losing grip to what we built. I was losing hope to what we dreamed for. I was unexpectedly just breaking down everyday in the past year. But you chose to hold on. You never let me lose hope, as much as you never question my weakness, instead you chose to love me even more without conditions.

We both know how much broken I was when we met. Yet you chose to pick up the pieces and bring me back to life. You loved and still loving me more amidst every imperfection, every mistake, and every wrong. In your eyes and in your heart, I am but your queen. And I tell you again and again that I am proud to be your wife.

I was reading the book of Gary Chapman last night, The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional about a topic close to home – changing anger patterns and finding the source of anger. It says, “You didn’t get your way, so you are angry. That is childish. It’s time to grow up and realize that in marriage, you don’t always get what you want.” I appreciate your patience, and I will never question how much you love and honor me, and so I apologize for the many times I have always been a brat. You allow allowances for mistakes and love me beyond my faults. I love you many times over.


Happy birthday mahal, 31 and 34 years has never been this good. I loved our skype movie date. It’s amazing that through the timezone difference, we get to celebrate our birthdays at the same time. Happy birthday to us.



Together we pray, on our next birthday, we will no longer be apart. And FAITH is keeping us together.

A Bookworm Is a Bookworm

Bookworms are the happiest creatures in their own habitat, where books are more precious than gold, where one can live more than one life in one place, where realities can be challenged in a series of a fictional lifetime. Quoting a line that says…

a library is a hospital for the mind ~ Anonymous

The smell of old books bring me peace no one can give. So much excuse I give myself for staying up late at night, curled up in bed with a book in handI find so difficult to put down.

The more you read, the better you will write, someone told me once. I love doing both. It goes both ways, I must admit. I get caught up in a book one moment, and find myself wanting to scribble a few notes the next. I write almost about anything and any random topic I see worth writing about. Reading and writing provide balance to my mental health after a dreadful and draining day at work. Reality kicks in when the curtain outside is closed.

I also acknowledge the fact that after each book in a series from my favorite author, I start counting the days until the next one comes out. My idea of a perfect weekend is being curled up in the poolside reading a Patterson in a paperback or kindle.

And I would say that I am one of those people who read the book first before a movie adaptation made it popular. More often than not, no matter how tasteful a book is, poor execution in a movie can ruin it all. Stick to the book, I must say.

Reading can stretch my imagination, without the visuals, just then the plot becomes magnanimously limitless.

On a quiet friday night, my hot date is always Mr. Tall, dark, and fictional.

In college, I would always tell myself I am out of budget, however, when I am standing in a bookstore, I’d always find the money for a new book/s. That’s how the book collection grows. I splurge on them. I still do. And surely, I’ll always will.

And when ask what is my favorite book, the list is endless. There is just too much I have read, and a lot more to read. The library is continuously growing.

Summer is coming and I am looking forward to a few days on the beach with the best accessory ever – a good read.

I miss those times when I still have the luxury of time to hang out for hours in Powerbooks Glorietta or Fully Booked SM The Block. Oh those wonderful, wonderful days! Nothing beats the joy of reading. No one can explain how can flipping pages sound like music.


The heart belongs at home. Peace is found where home is. And home is where I find the books I seek solace from. It is when life starts to roll again.

Take A Break


My life needs me, it’s time to take a break.

Pause for a while. Slow down for a moment. Breathe for a second. Feel the breeze. Smell the flowers. Step outside and live your life. Reboot by taking a break.

The world is moving too fast, lifestyle is changing in a snap, so when we get caught up with the busy life bandwagon, we lose connection to the things that feed the mind and cultivate the soul. There is more to life than working too much. Leave some time to think new thoughts and find leisure.

There are 50 ways to take a break, let’s break down a few to my personal preference.

1. Light a candle.


The warm sweet scents, the comforting fragrance, and the candlelit effect against the city lights, soothe the spirit, calm the soul, and free the mind. I light scented candles at night after work, lift my legs up, and enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy at home. This is what comfort does for me – solitude at it’s finest.

2. Read a book.


Books are always a good holiday takeaway because reading not only feeds the mind but tickles the imagination too. It is a perfect way to detangle myself from the trappings of some daily crap. Reading takes me to a place I have never been to, it gives me the vision of a life only my imagination can fulfill. So to connect good feelings, I grab a book and read. Anyway, I was born a bookworm, so books are my growing up bestfriends.

3. Watch the stars.


Staring at the night sky, gazing at the stars, counting constellations, bring me back to reality. We live in a world. And the world is a giant mirror of sparkling tiny dots that give life to a dark night sky. Stars sparkle in it’s grand nature to let me realize that life shines when I allow it to. Life is what we make it. Same way as the way we see things depend on how we accept and interpret them.

4. Go for a run.


Running releases more than just sweat. Jog. Run. Sprint. It is more than just a race. It clears the mind as it works up the body. The only escape that can see through the life we live. Because I also run to chase the life I have nearly given up. So I am granting myself a chance to lace up my shoes and enjoy my inner peace. Believe me, running keeps the mind at peace.

5. Write a journal.


A journal is a friend. It is a place where I can create my private nook to reflect on a deeper level. I don’t keep a journal but I maintain a personal blog that serves as an outlet out of the real world. I write what I can grasp within me. A mirror to my soul is what writing does for me.

So yes, taking a break, can bring us back to the core of our being. We live to enjoy life. We work to learn and grow as an individual. But we shouldn’t allow the busy grind to define us and take away the most important – a time for ourselves, a time for our families and friends, and a time to reflect to see the deeper value of what life is all about.


The virtue of loneliness is a far-fetched idea to the actual reality of independence. The difference is obvious, being alone is not a direct manifestation of a sad and weary life, rather, it is a courageous pronouncement of independence where one doesn’t have to rely to anyone to get things done. It is called responsibility.

The latest ordeal that I went through made me realize a few things. And in order to survive, I had to keep myself together and act accordingly as I have no one at that time. The thing is, it is not because no one is physically with me, I am alone. I am not.

Lesson #1

I came to realize how blessed I am for having a few true people who continuously prayed for my fast recovery. They might not be with me yet they were sensitive enough to check on me and offered some help. Most I had to decline. Why? Because I can still manage and I don’t want to bother anyone as they also have a life to live on their own. It is not pride, it is maturity.

Lesson #2

One reason why I had to stand on my own was because the call for responsible judgment presented itself when I was deciding whether I’ll get myself confined or do it the harder way of staying for 12 hours inside the ER and keep coming back for tests and results and therapy, then follow up consultations everyday. If I decided to get confined, I will be interrupting the lives of people who genuinely care for me. I managed to pull it off and completely stayed out of trouble. I’d like to believe I was a pretty good girl. Again, it is not pride. It is taking responsibility for my own health and assure everyone who cares and who matters that I am more than alright to go get running again. This is what we call maturity. Sometimes, we all have to realize that hospitals are not the best places to stay at, rather, a place we all should avoid by keeping fit and saving our loved ones the gruesome idea of hospitalization and get them out of worry. They just don’t deserve it. To stay healthy is all I owe them for.

Lesson #3

Health is wealth. I need not to elaborate, it does say it all. Loud and clear. It simply states a fact.

Lesson #4

A diagnosis, no matter how categorically unsignificant it may seem, is still a diagnosis that has to be given importance. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

I was diagnosed for thoracic dextroscoliosis last quarter of 2011 yet I never consulted an orthopedic surgeon for advise. I ignored it because I thought it was nothing. Now, it reacted full blast. The unbearable pain was indeed a wake up call.

Lesson #5

Life is short. We should all take care of our borrowed life.

In perspective, I received a lot of get well wishes, much more than I expected. Prayers were pouring from here and there, and in my heart I knew those who were genuine enough. There were those who were insensitive yet they just don’t matter, so in my fighting spirit I say, “duh, who cares?”

Lastly, thank you dear Lord for blessing me with so much. I remain to keep a grateful heart.



Christian Grey. A wealthy, hot, sexy, and the most eligible bachelor of Seattle, known to have started an empire at age 21 and made it successful, he is Christian Grey, the billionaire HOT CEO of Grey Holdings Enterprises.

Anastasia Steelle. A bright, meek, and ordinary senior literary student of WSU, who innocently fell into the office of the mighty Christian Grey.

It was just an interview. For Ana, it was just a task she had to accomplish for a dear friend, notwithstanding the intimidation she had to endure in the company of a man who was known to be domineering and strong, and no matter how nervous she was, she managed to stir the curiosity of the mighty CEO.

An interview. An afternoon. A love story.

So there it all started. The trilogy was erotic, sexy, full of kinky fuckery (excuse the word) yet the romance between two separate souls made it worth the read, somehow.

When I decided to start the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey – the Book I, it was just mere curiosity that made me flip some pages. A few chapters after, I found myself in deep trance and totally into it. At first I thought, there’s too much sex into this book.

It was more than meets the eye. The story catapulted how an innocent and ordinary young woman made someone as cold as Christian Grey warms the hearts of so many. For most women, more than the rough sex that this book had, from Fifty Shades of Grey to Fifty Shades Darker until the conclusion at Fifty Shades Freed, the hope to find solace with someone, that love would bring each of us the fairy tale we all dream to have in a lifetime, it does make someone’s reality a dream come true. The over the top bastard Christian Grey, for some, was Ana’s beautiful dream or her most gruesome nightmare.

Christian Grey. His lifestyle is nothing of the ordinary, his sexual preferences and choices, when execution is most concerned, are more than what an innocent virgin and ordinary girl like Ana could ever comprehend. Yet, it was an adventure that she endearingly embraced which in the end brought them closer together. Their journey was more than ordinary yet tasteful. For Ana and Christian, it was a journey, that lasts them a lifetime, as concluded in Fifty Shades Freed – their laughter as a family was a scene that lights up like a summer dawn, full of hope.

His need for control was a coping mechanism. His urge to punish was his way of releasing the anger he had inside him. The kinky fuckery, the spanking and all – was more of a lifestyle than sexual sadism, made colorful by the image of the Red Room of Pain, known as the playroom. His choices, his lifestyle, his attitude – all rooted from his unknown dark past. Vanilla or hardcore romance, a reality that modern society learns to embrace. Christian and Ana, in retrospect, admittedly love to play and enjoy the moment of lust and end their tryst with love and passion. From rugged fuck to passionate vanilla lovemaking.

Everybody thinks he’s strong and dominating, yet in reality he’s so fragile and lost. He was, as Ana found out, a little boy lost in a sea of fear and pain, frightened, neglected, abused – hurt beyond all endurance.

Ana, on the other hand, knew nothing about the world. She was introduced to all sorts of unknown discoveries as she welcomed the life of Christian Grey. She was brave enough to discover it, more than brave enough to try it even. She then entered a world she never knew existed.

Love. Who would have thought, that the cold and angry Christian Grey, would eventually fall in love. It was, in this story, so refreshing to envision. The romance brought out the real entertainment into this kind of plot. In essence, most women, started to crave for their own Christian Grey. I, included, is not spared.

Domineering and rough at one point, then loving and soft the next. He was, indeed, human as we all are, emotionally captivated with the ordinary yet extraordinary Anastasia Steelle. He was, a breath of fresh air.

A lost boy that he was, Christian, found solace in Ana’s warm embrace, contrary to everybody’s expectation that it was Ana who found solace in Christian’s life. It was Ana who made Christian confront his past, it was her who brought out the fragile little lost boy sprung to life, and it was, indeed, only her who could defy the dominating nature of Christian Grey. And it was Ana who made Christian Grey look at the world differently.

For Ana and Christian, sex was a huge part of their relationship that may have brought their fantasies to life, but it was love that emanates the life they have dreamed for their future and brought them together to fulfill each others dreams. Two souls in need, two souls in love. In one erotic journey.

And in perspective, our past and upbringing, play a huge part in shaping our future. But it’s how we confront the past that makes all the difference.

Again, time heals. Hope exists.

In conclusion, the love story of Christian and Ana, made us all dream of our own ever after, whatever circumstances there might be.

The Things We Do on Birthday Month with Mytze Coi

Friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

There was an immediate connection the moment we talk. There was that rare blast of certainty when we laugh. Then suddenly, we were inseparable. I am in awe at how things have turned out to be. In my journey, I never thought I will ever find, as you call it, my tuwin.

Our Birthday Month is coming to an end. Let’s go back to how we celebrate the Gemini life..

Rainy Night at Tomato Kick.

The first of June. Finally, our birthday month. The plan to go out that night was nearly aborted because of what happened the night before. But I made it to our date night. The rainy friday night with so much tales to share, the night we laughed our heart out, as we venture out to a stormy saturday morning in the wee hours.

Breakfast at McDonalds.

Yours is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg and hot choco. Mine is Hamdesal with egg and pineapple juice. A daily BBM – “where are you?” at 8:30 am would lead us to a hearty laugh with breakfast at McDonalds. It has always been a moment of rush, a few minutes before 9am as we run towards the elevator.

Unlimited Cake at Cravings.

We mumble, “Diet starts today. No rice.” But then, there comes that random thought that surreptitiously creeps in, “I want some sweets!” And there we are, sitting at Cravings and enjoying unlimited cake and bottomless iced tea. Whoa, diet plan gone to waste.

A Date at Happy Lemon.

Those days when I was so confused and I need some moment to talk, you took me where I can have my Happy Everyday at Happy Lemon. The kick of Lemon Peppermint works its wonders as I seek solace from my own confused soul. You took clouds off my chest when you said, “No, you are not hurting anyone. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Enjoy your day. Go and claim your special night.” Yes, it’s my birthday, anyway!

Dinner at Everything at Steak.

I thought we were going to Greenhills just to shop. But we stopped at Everything at Steak for dinner as you kept telling me “Steak here is so good, you gotta taste it.” A night before my birthday, I was planning to go on a diet. Yet you made me eat this big plate of steak that the rice look so small. I was so full, I couldn’t finish my mac and cheese. The funny thing about that night though,  the shops in Greenhills were closing when we get there. Well, that’s what happen when we stuff our hungry stomach first before shopping.

Happy Birthday To Me.

♫♪ Happy birthday to you (2x) Happy birthday (2x) Happy birthday to you. ♪♫ Oh, I am so surprised! Thank you to my whole mobile team, you are the best! Love you all, my angels. You have made my day extra special. Indeed, a day to remember.

Happy Birthday To You.

The day, you were so difficult to deal with. The places I am trying to make you avoid are the places you’d like to go. How can you forget the moment I have to walk out on you at Eastwood Mall? That was so funny! I won, I am such a brat. Amidst all the fuss, the surprise was successful. Mobile Team are such good scammers, totally pulled it off.

An afternoon at Duty Free.

Retail therapy is indeed a woman’s escape. It was such a long drive all the way to duty free and with our loud voices and laughter, the stories made us survive the traffic. And you were so excited to hear my tales about that epic date. It was sooo funny. But to complete the night is the nike bag! I won over getting the purple one.

Kimmy Dora Night at The Movies.

The night we decided to let our guards down and be jologs for the night. We both choose to go see Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kyeme. It was such a funny movie, and knowing us, we laughed the loudest. The whole movie house might be wondering where we get the energy to laugh that loud. And for the night, I was Kimmy and you were Dora.

Dora: Eh kasi ate yung spirit galing pa sa Korea.

Hahaha…I’m so EGZOITED!!!

Fun Rock at Kangaroo Jack.

Oh the booze. You and John love the chicken skin. I feasted on my chicken intestine. While Jockie enjoyed his dinner buffet. And when Ian went on stage to jam. Indeed, made the night complete as he sang ♫♪ Going back to the corner where I first saw you. ♪♫ A perfect song for our birthday month. But an epic fail of the night was when your crush whom you thought was a shiboli turned out to be a guy?! I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Random Shopping at Ensembles.

“Oh 70% off,”  we both exclaimed. And I just can’t take my eyes off that mustard cardigan which you also agreed look good on me, haha. And you also cannot take that shades off your eyes. So off the rack, straight purchase, then off we go. That fast because there are people waiting for us who thought we were just at the ATM to get some cash.

Night Run at QC Memorial Circle.

The night was engaging enough for a nice run, a cone of dirty ice cream, and a bowl of special goto and mami soup. Steady night for our peaceful heart. We run to bond. However, as I target to finish my 20 rounds in the oval, you were there eating your ice cream as I was catching my breath asking for more water to replenish. Tsk!

An Overnight at your Place.

A feast on the dinner table, I finished a stick of barbecue, 3 sticks of isaw, a bowl of mami soup, and 2 bananas. *burp* Oh how happy my stomach was. (Good thing your mom was away, haha). Jake was so surprised when you played No One Else Comes Close while I am on skype with him. He told me “that was the song I sang for you.” Of course you know that because I told you the story behind that song. *wink* Then at midnight, we are hungry kids again, so we munched on Yellie’s stick-o and cheez balls. But dear, I want more bananas so I went downstairs to get some. Crazeee bees!

Sick Puppy at UST Hospital.

Oh dear, I was able to pull a surprise on you. Glad I made you happy. But in my every visit, seems like I am always the one who ate all the food brought in for you – macaroni soup, fried fish, mamon, lays, ruffles, pizza, donut, fries, cake, siopao, ginataan, chocolates, brownies, cupcake, and more! So there, in my happy stomach, I fell asleep! Does your mom really want to adopt me? Hahaha…

Glad you are out of the hospital now tuwin, as we end our birthday month in good shape, and in good mental state. Bipolars we are, bipolar we will always be.

So let’s welcome July with more fun activities…

On our July List:

Yellie’s 3rd birthday
House Hunting for my new abode
Regular Night Run at Circle
WWF Reverse Run on July 22
Outbreak Manila Zombie Run on July 28
Milo Marathon on July 29
And more…

Celebrating Freedom and Independence – at 30.

If society would allow me to explore the world most conservatives are trying to avoid, a topic so pretty uncommon even on this day and age, where the liberals with munificent gift are born, I broke into the world of the uncommon past to find some answers.

At 30, most women have already gone through life and is now ready to celebrate and embrace the peaks and the valleys. So it is but uncommon to find out that no matter how liberated the world has become, there still is a few women who remained to live the life of the undefeated norm – the 30-year-old virgins or NBSB (no boyfriend since birth.)

And if I am to implicate the story behind the world of shame and isolation, it is a world where people feel seriously stuck, handicapped, and not part of the adult world. And I ponder, why would someone who decides to stay a virgin at 30, would feel ashame to reveal her sexual status? Or was it a decision?

May it be a choice or a consequence, does someone has the right to even question it? I don’t think anyone has to. In this world, we live in our own consequences, we make our own choices, and we learn from our own mistakes.

Never a dull moment. Loud, perky, full of life – someone who has the gift of gab, who can make everyone laugh in just a single remark, is not conservative at all. A free bird, a free spirit. She is, after all, just like the rest of us, hungry to discover the world.

Values, principles, and upbringing.

These have never been an issue to where she’s at right now – single at 29. At some point, I asked, “Are you hopeful?” And with all positivity she said, “Of course, I am. I also would like to feel how to love and be loved by someone.”

Taking the risk.

Yes, if only she has given dating a chance, she could have been married by now. She’s not even skeptical about pre-marital sex. Surprisingly, she bluntly tells me, “If I have a partner, I might have tried it too.” She’s flirtatious by nature yet reserved in certain ways like going out on a date. She recalls, she was asked for a date before but she didn’t take it seriously because she thought he’s not sincere. And one, she thought, was gay. Fear and inhibitions, these are what hinder her chances to experience the exciting world of dating. And at 29, she’s not scared to stay single as she reaches the age of 30.

Mutual Understanding. 

Yes. At some point, she went through that stage. No formal coutship. No commitment. She just felt there was something special between the two of them. It sparked some magic in her life, once upon a time.


It is a stereotype conclusion that people have in their minds when someone is said to be single at 30. How can freedom and independence be labelled as dull and frustrating? But yes, she’s somehow, a little bit embarrassed, because she feels she’s not good looking enough to have a partner.


She just put it simply, “I have learned not to judge people.”

Positive and hopeful, she’s now ready to take life head on in search for that fairy tale love story that is yet to come.

Sometimes, we need not to judge somebody else’s circumstances just because their stories do not fit in to the status quo. We have our own unique story to tell.

A Stopover. A Pitstop.

As we cross the highway, life will reward us the chance to realize what is important, who actually matters, and where we’re headed. We stumble upon roadblocks that will hand over the lessons we need that will  keep us driving straight ahead. But at some point, life has to take some stopovers.

Stopovers. Some are fun. Some are inspirational. Some left precious memories. But down that lane, sadly, some are just plain worthless.

Life is a joyride. It is a joyful journey. Paulo Coelho has put it simply in his book Aleph Life is a train, not a station. And I have to agree, for life means a lifelong journey. We travel far by going through the mandatory consequences of our actions, as we get in touch with our mistakes, and decide which way to go by choosing either the right way or the wrong way. It is, and will always be, a choice.

However, as we drive ahead, we shouldn’t put all our energy to the things we are running away from, rather we have to give much thought to the things we are working toward. But along the way, there are obstacles, there are roadblocks, there are stopovers, because a road without one would lead us nowhere.

Realizations do not come on handy, because sometimes life will hit you in the head with a stone, and you gotta have your faith intact, and ready to surge forward.

Joel Osteen Ministries: If you want your life to get better, sometimes the best thing you can do is to help improve somebody else’s life.


And just recently, someone came knocking at my door, barely breathing, his life in a downward spiral. Conscientiously, I heed his sorrow, conspired the whole universe to listen. Just a moment, I whispered. His choices were unconventional, his escape was unhealthy. What a waste, I thought. But I can only do so much, the rest will still be his choice.

So when I bid goodbye, I said…so long, the road is a stretch, still a long drive ahead. For a while, he kept saying, “you keep me going.” So, let it be, keep going. I was once your stopover, too. Hopefully, you’ve learned something. At pitstop, I was there to shake you as you reach the highway towards the horizon. Life is yours to live now….

My Gravity, My Father

He is the most hurt when I fall. He is the one who cries when I fail. He is the one who lends a hand when I need it the most. He is, my father.

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter

His sensitivity could sometimes drive us to the edge, but his warmth would hold everything into place. He is so conservative and strict, his ways too unconventional and out of context, yet he is one man who keeps his values intact. As a kid, I follow his orders out of fear. I grew up feeling distant and aloof because of his disciplinary measures.

He taught us how to be frugal and thrifty. If we want something, we have to save up for it from our allowance. I was raised by my mom as a bookworm, and when I want to buy a new book, I have to skip lunch or snack to save some cash so I could buy books of my favourite author every week. In middle school, when I have exams, I will study until 12 midnight, get on my blanket and flashlight and read a few chapters from Sidney Sheldon or John Grisham until 3am, and he would come to confiscate that book away and order me to go to sleep. During weekends, I will refuse to do my chores because I am engrossed with my reading. And I could still vividly remember that time when he took my books and set it on fire. I was crying like crazy, wailing like a child, I was heartbroken. My books were my life. My books were my only happiness. If other teens are out there chasing boys, I was saving every penny to buy a new book. I dream for my library.

When I chose a different path, when I went against his will, still he held me in his embrace. When I took a left turn at 17, still he kept his faith on me. When I loved the wrong person, still he held me close. When I was heartbroken and weeping in sorrow, it wasn’t gravity that was holding me on the ground, it was him – my PAPA.

When my son is in need of a dad, it was him who was there to fullfil that space. When we were in need, it was him on the rescue. When I feel like breaking down, he is still there to keep me together. To heed my broken dreams. To heal my broken soul. To build my broken spirit.

And up to this day, of all the men who have promised to love me only my FATHER never failed to fulfill it.

Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are my pillar of strength. I love you…for a lifetime.